CTEC Finland online qualifiers

* Sun 26.04 klo 14-19 CTEC Finland online qualifier @twitch.tv/CTEC_Finland
* Tue 26.05. klo 17-20 CTEC Finland online qualifier @twitch.tv/CTEC_Finland
* Sat 13.06. klo 13-17 CTEC Finland online qualifier @twitch.tv/CTEC_Finland

There will be a random number of online qualifiers in which players can make official CTEC Finland qualifying scores. The scores will be added to the overall qualifying list. The system in the online qualifiers follows as closely as possible the live qualifier rules etc. but there are inevitably some alterations.

Basic requirements:
– ability to stream NES PAL Tetris gameplay to twitch.tv (your own channel/account)
– write to the twitch.tv/CTEC_Finland chat during the qualifier to get in the virtual queue
– a player may play one game (if you don’t beat Howard, you may get another try) at their turn, and immediately move back to the end of the queue to wait for the next turn
– both original hardware and emulators allowed
– no cheating! I.e. no romhacks, no game genie codes (except NYSPEZLE), no turbo functions etc. And in general, don’t be an idiot 🙂
– the host of the online qualifier is an undisputed judge, and players shall respect his judgement!
– remember to have fun, too! 😀

The Finnish Tetris Tournament 2020 – CTEC Finland

CTEC Finland gathers the best Tetris players in Finland to compete in three classic Tetris games: NES (8-bit. Nintendo) Tetris, Game Boy (original) Tetris and Tetris the Grand Master (arcade). The tournament is held at Assembly Summer ’20 venue in October, assuming COVID-19 situation allows it. All the tournaments are open to everybody through simple qualifying systems that will close just until the tournaments begin. We know there are A LOT of people who have played a good part of their childhood and/or adulthood Tetris, the most common and widespread digital game of all time, but never had had the chance to test their skills against other good players. So here’s the chance!

Competitive Tetris is a rapidly growing part of global eSports scene. The roots of the Finnish National Tetris Championship lie in the Tetris World Championship, CTWC, and the European Tetris Championship, CTEC – if you find the other competitors in Finland too easy opponents there’s always the possibility to go further and become the European Champion or even the World Champion!

In 2020 CTEC Finland is an official qualifier competition for the next CTEC, which means that CTEC Finland is open to all players, regardless of nationality. The winner of the CTEC Finland 2020 is eligible to a guaranteed place in the next CTEC (whether it’s CTEC 2020 or CTEC 2021) tournament, held at Copenhagen, Denmark. Check out the classictetris.eu page for more info about the CTEC.

Some of the members of the “Finnish National Tetris Team” are present at the Tetris-area throughout the whole Assembly event so come and have a chat with us and maybe even test your might against us even before the actual tournaments begin! Or simply come and hang abound for a while and check out the atmosphere 🙂 And if you’re not close enough to witness the action firsthand, the whole CTEC Finland event from Thursday to Saturday is streamed live on Twitch.tv/CTEC_Finland channel.

Approximate schedule for the CTEC Finland:
Thu-Fri: open qualifiers, practice tournaments, possibly minor side events etc.
Sat: 10.00-11.30 warmup, last qualifiers, Game Boy tournament sign up
10.00-15.00 TGM qualification and warmup
11.30-18.00 NES tournament
12.00-15.00 Game Boy tournament
15.00-18.00 TGM tournament
18.00-> finals for TGM, Game Boy and NES
(NES finals include a bronze match)


Photo: Emmi Halemla / ASSEMBLY Organizing.

Old info etc. about past tournaments

General (outdated) info about the CTWC Finland 2019

CTWC Finland 2019 results, thanks and greetings

CTFC 2018

Results of the CTEC 2018

Results of the CTEC 2019.

CTEC Finland Live stream on twitch.tv/CTEC_Finland

Press the Follow-button on our twitch.tv/CTEC_Finland channel to get the announcements when the Finnish Tetris community goes globally live 🙂

While waiting for the stream to go live you could check out the few pictures that have been taken from our events: Kuvia.

Other topics

A short introduction to the differences between the European (PAL) and American (NTSC) NES Tetrises.

An introduction to controller compatibility (did you know that this is an issue in Europe and PAL consoles in general?)

A short and incomplete introduction to ”How to capture NES Tetris” – some ideas for the equipment needed to build a stream setup

Another short and incomplete introduction to ”How the CTEC Finland streams are built” – this could be useful when you already have the equipment, but don’t really know what to do next

Competitive Tetris around the globe

In 2018, there was a definite buzz in the internet about competitive Tetris, in 2019 the buzz intesified, and by the year 2020 the competitive Tetris scene has skyrocketed! The Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC), Classic Tetris European Championship (CTEC), online Tetris tournaments (Classic Tetris Monthly, Classic Tetris PAL, Classic Tetris League and many more) and several old and new national Tetris competitions have gained some significant growth in the numbers of audiences and players, and especially players’ skill levels. Competitive Tetris is bigger and better than ever! Check out Twitch, YouTube, discord and whatnot to find out more about the latest achievements, boundaries broken, and I-pieces dropped at the exact right moment!

Competitive Tetris in Finland

As the Tetris community around the globe is growing, so is the Finnish Tetris community. From the 6 players in the first Finnish National Tetris Tournament in 2017 the number of active players in Finland has grown steadily. In 2020 there are approximately 20-30 players that have achieved at least the 300 000 point landmark in NES PAL Tetris, and have participated the Finnish qualifiers or various online tournaments. The active hubs for all the Finnish players are the facebook group Tetris Suomi and the #suomi channel of Classic Tetris PAL discord server. Come and join us, tervetuloa mukaan!

The short history of the Finnish National Tetris Tournament begins with the CTFC 2017 (Classic Tetris Finnish Championship 2017), which was a very small event in Jyväskylä, restricted to Finnish players only (mostly because we didn’t know much about foreign players, or even tournament organizing back then).

In 2018 the event grew and became a small part of the Assembly Summer ’18 venue. Even though CTFC 2018 was in theory still a strictly Finnish only players’ tournament, the need to change was obvious (greetings to moozooh, hope to see you every year).

The year 2019 was a clear turning point in the global Tetris scene, and a bunch of new tournaments emerged. An effort to unify all the Tetris tournaments’ names globally led to the change of the Finnish tournament name, being CTWC Finland 2019 (Classic Tetris World Championship Finland), still held as a part of Assembly Summer ’19 event. The focus was also shifted towards ”semi-open” tournament with the guaranteed non-Finnish spots in the NES bracket. It also led the NES bracket being two-fold where the best Finnish player was awarded the Finnish Champion title, and the best non-Finn player the CTWC Finland title.

In 2020 the Finnish Championship changes it’s name yet again to accommodate better, for example, the distinction between the PAL and NTSC systems – CTEC Finland 2020 (Classic Tetris European Championship Finland) is played with NES PAL systems, and not NTSC’s as in CTWC related events. CTEC Finland is also an official qualifying competition to the CTEC 2020, which leads to the focus being shifted to completely ”open to all” tournament. So, welcome both Finnish and non-Finnish players to the Assembly Summer ’20 and the CTEC Finland tournament, the title is yours to take 🙂